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Author Topic: A visit to Occupylsx  (Read 19 times)
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A visit to Occupylsx
« on: 26 October 2011 »

I wandered along there yesterday.

I guess some explanation is required as to why this is even a TTEM matter.  Well simply put all that transformation enables one to do is to see the same world through different eyes. If all you can do is some strange yoga position or sit still with your eyes shut thinking certain thoughts... but the world looks the same...

I think the first point is the value of seeing directly for oneself.  There is some language I quote in my book that has a different verb for "to know (indirectly)" and "to know (directly)".  One of the problems of the media in the modern world is that it is *so* slanted, so biased, so undemocratic [hence all this nonsense about thermal imaging cameras showing its empty - latest rumous this was an iPhone app (?!)].  Also "churnalism" means any old thing gets taken up and passed on uncritically if it suits the purpose of the conduit.

There was a very nice vibe there gentle/festival/community - much nicer and "far more human" than in the rest of the City which increasingly feels like a giant colony of drones ['twas not always thus].  All tidy and organised.  My biggest shock was the so called health and safety hazard.  WTF?!?  there is masses of space to get past - far more than at any of the local tube stations which really are a fire and safety hazard (strangely never mentioned).  I walk past there often but I had forgotten what a vast space it is compared to elsewhere in the City.  You have far more space than on the average pavement in the City even with the occupy folks there.

Plenty of posters and different functions of tents - quite a distributed scene - folks talking to journalists and in groups.  As its a distributed kind of thing I didn't spot where the kind of heart of it was or where the work was going on to turn it from a negative protest against stuff to some positive suggestions.

Anyway an historic moment - not least of which as there is clearly broad support, plenty of passers by.

Oh and one hears the media saying it is ruining local businesses.  Nonsense - I was rather worried about my favourite tea shop there (called Tea) - business seemed to be the same as normal.  The only closed businesses are those that decided to close - namely the cathedral and those in paternoster square.  These businesses cut themselves and then blame the blood on others.

Check it out dudes... How long can we let the kleptocracy rule uncriticised?  How long can we live our lives in non-stop turmoil destroying not just the planet but the income of our grandchildren [where do these vast sums come to bail out banks and polticians (aka govts) - answer tax revenues of the not yet born!]



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