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Author Topic: Four element theory of temperament  (Read 12 times)
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Four element theory of temperament
« on: 24 November 2011 »

Here are some nice observations ... spot the various types around you smiley

Individual Types

Based, I believe, mainly on the Moon at birth, I have found that each person has a tendency to prefer a particular element and to suffer from the excitement or depression of that element. In most cases, it "feels" good when one's favorite element is active; and it feels "bad" when that element is unsupported or suppressed. Moreover, the areas of experience associated with other elements do not give rise to the same level of fulfillment as one's "own" element.

Fire types thrive on enthusiasm and suffer when that enthusiasm is dampened by detractors who want to point out the shortcomings of half-baked notions. Ayurveda teaches that one should do nothing to polarize a fire type because his/her natural tendency is to defend itself so this energy will be directed at the healer or "other enemy" if fire is agitated by unsympathetic approaches. When such happens, the symptoms worsen because the fire is elevated by opposition and calmed by concurrence. In short, the idea that opposites attract was not conceived by a fire type.

Earth types need a high measure of certainty and predictability in order to function well. Even when gambles may work out in the long run, risk taking is stressful and therefore physically and psychological harmful to these types. Earth types want facts and a large measure of control over what is being done to them in the name of cure; but they can be very compliant and responsible if they are given the tools to direct their own processes.

Air types need information and communication. They become nervous when a doctor says, "hum" and leaves the room. They want to be recognized first as human beings and only secondarily as patients. Generally, they do not like being left alone nor treated as unintelligent or unequal. Most important is that therapists should avoid saying and doing anything that would raise the level of pain or anxiety or uncertainty.

Water types usually lack discipline and need to be guided through their processes with a sort of parental firmness. They need to feel nurtured and protected and become quite hysterical if they feel unsafe. They are often rather psychic so saying something encouraging while thinking something more drastic is generally ineffective. It is therefore better to trust that these people have the inner resources to handle bad news if it is the truth.

The Elements: Constitutional Type and Temperament: I discuss these issues in great deal on my audio tape set. Here, it might suffice to say that each person receives and heals in a different way; however, every patient's feelings need validation, acceptance, and healing.


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