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Author Topic: A TTEM Taster  (Read 4262 times)
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A TTEM Taster
« on: 20 June 2006 »

This page is linked into from to give people an idea of what TTEM is an editorial selection of some great threads to give a flavour of what our members have kindly shared  cool

The Stories section is the Heart and Soul of TTEM - being based in actual, direct, personal experience... many of these things are hard to 'explain' but are reported as they happened... The world is a wierder and more wonderful place than I am sure any of us can truly appreciate:

      Swami Sees All
      The Little Old Lady Who Gave It A Go
      Healing the Past
      Great Healing (Native Nth Am style)

As explained on the front page TTEM is most definitely not 'uni-modal' - there are many Great Arts out there and many great ways of practicing individual arts.  Here's a couple of threads on two of them:

      Sifu Stier on his understanding of local and distant Reiki
      A Great Article on Qigong

Many Members have taken the hard road to the path of personal transformation... here is one story kindly shared for the benefit of all:

      Rob shares his personal story and discussions about when one can and can't help people

Being here *now* is a real important practice and perspective here's a neat article (long but worth reading):

      Tolle on the Now and not being a "Wait-er"

Views are never ending but trying techniques is a good way to converge experiences and have some fun... This one seems easy and to yield some cool results:

      Looking at yourself through the left eye

And finally... for some reason people live here tongue ...although based in this thread one does rather wonder why at times  wink


So that's a dip into the treasure chest - its a free world (well actually it's not but thats not a TTEM topic lol) so you now may run for your life Uh? or browse further Happy or even think about joining in the fun cool

May all beings be well, peaceful, and happy.

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