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Author Topic: Burgs Article on Qigong  (Read 2074 times)
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Burgs Article on Qigong
« on: 05 September 2006 »

I mentioned how I heard of Burgs here. Here is an article of his on qigong from


What is Chi Gung?

“ Dance to the Tune of the Heart, because the Universe is Playing that Song ”

Chi Kung , quite simply is the cultivation of ‘Chi' or life force within the body .

How is it done? ( see Burgs Page of His Document on Practicing the Chi Kung State.)

Through developing your internal awareness of the subtle energy structures and systems in your body, and engaging in various movement and meditation techniques, your energy systems will become :

Re-organised, cleared of any inherent or acquired blockages, tonified, harmonized and synchronized to facilitate, firstly an increase in the body's energetic capacities and secondly, raising up the body , mind , spirit complex towards a realized state ( Tao )
Essentially there are three ways to practice Chi Kung :

1) Through diligently learning and perfecting external form , strong awareness and mindfulness of the body is cultivated and the body's Chi systems begin to be developed. This is the slowest way to develop but suits those who are attracted to external form.

2) Through bringing a strong internal awareness to the body while engaging in various exercises . Here the emphasis is on the Energy pathways and systems in the body, and the practice works towards the development of improved quality and flow of Chi. This way of practicing brings quicker healing results and has a stronger re-organizing effect on the body . It is harder to grasp initially but suits those who have some discipline in meditation .Here the Mindfulness and calm concentration skills are the major catalyst to establishing successful cultivation of Chi.

3) To do nothing and connect to the body's own intelligence which will do everything perfectly for us. This is the highest level of Chi Kung . Here it doesn't matter what is happening externally . Such practice is based on recognizing that the body has within it a higher intelligence than our own lower and interfering mind . If we are able to disengage and become a truly detached observer then the “ Body Automatic” will reorganize everything perfectly for us . It sounds simple and it is , but the success of the practice hinges upon two elements :

a) How much are we willing to let go with the lower mind and trust this higher intelligence,

b) How deeply can we become attuned to the higher vibrations and Chi Fields that we might find around us. This practice is usually undertaken initially under the guidance of, and within the powerful Chi field of an attained Master or Healer who can both transmit the essence of the teaching, and generate a powerful Energy Field to support the practitioner as they go through their own attunements.

Today many things are called Chi Kung , without embodying the essence of Chi Kung . There are many people who have learned and taught complex external forms of exercise, and yet when asked, admit to never having felt any connection to Chi. Whilst such wonderful disciplines as Tai Chi and Ba Gua most certainly are Chi Kung , to engage in them merely as a series of external forms, even when externally perfected, does not embody the essence of Chi Kung. And yet to take a walk in a forest, and truly embibe the life force and essence of that forest, allowing our own energy system to become harmonized with it can be the Highest Level of Chi kung.

How does Burgs Teach Chi Gung?

In his capacity as an extra ordinarily accomplished meditator and healer , Burgs is able to both generate a powerful healing Chi Field within the space he works, and to transmit directly ‘heart to heart', the essence of Higher Chi Kung Practice to the student from the very beginning. He teaches what he calls “ The simultaneous Bottom up, Top Down approach.” In essence “DO nothing and Get Everything; Do much and get lost”

“ I have observed so many teachers and practitioners loosing their way with their practice through becoming over complicated and accumulative in their approach to Chi Kung. The very essence of Chi Kung is to let go enough of our accumulated Energy structures and layers to let the pristine ever perfect essence of our being re-emerge . Chi Kung should simply be a process of letting go of old patterns, thus allowing a natural response to the ever greater flow of Chi to do all the work for us. All our efforts should be geared to cultivating our attunement to the Higher Energy Forces that surround us and are within us.

So Burgs teaches the second and third approaches to Chi Kung as discussed above. Simultaneously working form the bottom up, by gradually introducing the student to the fundamentals of Chi and Chi Kung, whilst introducing them at the very beginning to the end result… “The realized state of Union of our own bodies' Chi field with the vast, perfect and undefiled Chi Filed that underpins all of Creation around us” WOW!. In Taoist terms , this IS the TAO itself . This is the higher intelligence that is always perfect and can never not be and yet sits deeply within us at all times and would perfect everything for us if we would listen . In this sense when we really do learn to do nothing ( i.e. get out of the way ) , we really can have everything .

Why do beginners get such profound results so Early on when working with Burgs?

It can take a lifetime of practice following the first path discussed above to achieve any significant results at an energetic level with Chi kung . But if one can come to Chi Kung knowing nothing but be open enough to receive the “ Heart Essence” of the teaching from the beginning , the student becomes very quickly attuned to the higher Chi Field of the Teacher . By plugging or “Tuning” in, at the group level the “Body Automatic” begins to take back control of a process that the lower mind has been running obsessively for many years. Because we are so obsessed with ourselves and insist on projecting our ego or idea of ourself into our practice, the lower mind has the habit of constantly interfering and getting in the way .

Burgs is a gifted Healer and Meditator and has the ability to generate powerful healing Chi Fields within the space he works. This creates a tremendous energetic support for the group, as the individual senses at a deep level that the more they let go, the more they open to Chi . Sometimes students experience a powerful healing effect even while sitting listening to the discourse at the opening of a class, and the body will often start to release and heal at this stage. Once the Group Chi Field is established the process of healing and attunement will often happen spontaneously. As Burgs himself says, once this has begun to Happen all we need to do is “ Dance to the Tune of the Heart, because the universe is Playing the same song”
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Re: Burgs Article on Qigong
« Reply #1 on: 26 January 2009 »


Someone asked me about Burgs & qigong ... [the search button always works ... and if you do come across some long forgotten thread don't hesitate to 'bring it forwards' we can read the same thign a year or two apart and get entirely different things from it Happy]


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